Anjali Banerjee

Co-Founder, COO

Areas of Expertise: Product Design, Graphic Design

Is British.

Alice Ma

Co-Founder, CEO

Areas of Expertise: Chinese, Arabic, Data Visualization, React

Listens to the Frozen soundtrack in Arabic for fun. Is consistently Meme of the Week at Archer.

Tyler Heintz

Co-Founder, CTO

Technical Areas: Data Engineering

Watched all FC Barcelona games over the last 6 years.

Anne Zepecki

Product Manager, Human Rights Investigation Team

Areas of Expertise: Frontend Development, UX/UI Design, Fun, Running for Public Office

Will be planning the Archer Annual Gala.

Ashwin Vasvani

Product Manager, Privacy & Cybersecurity

Technical Areas: Cybersecurity

Is extremely mysterious.

Daryus Medora

Business Development Associate

Areas of Expertise: The Business Side, Python Scrapers

Gets really excited by spreadsheets.

Varun Agarwal

Product Manager, Crypto Team

Technical Areas: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies

Ryan Hayes

Director of Partner Teams

Areas of Expertise: Full-Stack Engineer, Blockchain

Akshath Sivaprasad

Engineering Ninja, Privacy & Cybersecurity and Architect

Areas of Expertise: Cybersecurity, Data Viz, Blockchain, Color Codes, Using OCR to Win Word Streak With Friends

Eats an entire pizza every night.

Michael Murphy

Engineering Lead, React

Areas of Expertise: React, Frontend Development

Passionate about whether hamburger menus are a UI disaster or the greatest invention known to humanity.

Rachael Boyle

UX Designer

Areas of Expertise: UI/UX, Human-Machine Interaction, Explaining Archer in Human Terms

Conducted research in Singapore using NLP to detect terrorist activity on Twitter.

Angelina Wang

Engineering Lead, Architect

Technical Areas: Machine Learning and AI

Favorite flavor of pretzel is almond crunch.

Jordan Flores

Engineer, Human Rights Investigation Team

Sam Pringle

Lead Architect, Architect

Technical Areas: Distributed Systems, Scala, "Big Data", "Machine Learning", Software Architecture

Went to juggling camp as a kid.

Ali Ahmed

Business Development Associate

Areas of Expertise: US Politics, Frontend Development, Pitchdecks

Read economics textbooks for fun in middle school.

Noelle Forougi

Marketing & Business Development

Areas of Expertise: Market Research, Outreach, Aesthetics

Is an incredible thrift shopper.

Franklin Rice

Engineering Lead, Human Rights Investigation Team

Areas of Expertise: Machine Learning

Just competed at the national championship for UC Berkeley's Triathlon team.

Varsha Venkat

Engineer, Human Rights Investigation Team

Areas of Expertise: Full-Stack Engineering, Algorithms

Brenna Smith

Communications Lead

Areas of Expertise: Content Production, Copy Editing, Market Research

Best friend is a three-legged Jack Russell called Ernie Banks.

Nikhil Patel

Product Manager,

Technical Areas: Full-Stack Engineering, Blockchain, Understanding OFAC Sanctions Data

Has been converted to a sanctions data enthusiast and considers SE his newborn baby.

Caitlin Andersen

Public Data Analyst

Areas of Expertise: Legal Documents, Venezuela Oil Trade

Tony Oliverio


Areas of Expertise: Data Processing, Hardware

Has an infinite number of guerrilla marketing ideas.