NPR — UC Berkeley Students Create Class to Combat Terrorism

Featured in NPR Local Station, KPCC.

Listen to what Anjali and Tyler have to say here.

"'We didn't know exactly what happened until a couple hours later when we saw it on news reports,' said UC Berkeley student, Anjali Banerjee. She didn't know that her friend, Nicolas Leslie was killed in the attack until three days had gone by. Getting details on what had happened was not easy.

'We felt just like our hands were tied and we didn't have any agency in the situation. There was just nowhere we could go for help. It was scary to see what happens to a city and how everything shuts down after an attack like that.'
After Nice, Tyler Heintz became more interested in creating more tools to keep track of terrorists. He partnered with Banerjee and fellow student Alice Ma to create a class that would help him do that. It's made up of mostly engineering Heintz and Banerjee's fellow engineering students. The class is split up into teams to work on specific areas."

Alice Ma