By Midterm, Students Pitch Solutions to Transnational Security

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"For the past month students have been developing solutions to transnational security. They have been looking for ways to leverage the latest in data science tools and technologies to increase the productivity of experts and analysts trying to stay one step ahead of criminals who use social media, mobile banking, cryptocurrencies, shell companies, and shadow NGOs to raise and move funds around the globe. Each team is working on a unique solution, which will provide NGOs working in counter-terrorism with tools and methods that enhance their ability to an aggregate and analyze data.

Yaya and the other mentors can see that this Collider Project is a great opportunity to find solutions to the evolving challenge of financing terrorism. Yaya mentioned that “This project is really bringing DC and Berkeley together. Berkeley students are learning about how policy is happening in DC. At the same time, I can see how DC policy makers can benefit from the creative, technology driven ideas crafted by the Berkeley students.”

Alice Ma