helping anyone conduct investigations with public data

Massive amounts of public data lie scattered across the web. We’ve created a tool that can not only streamline this information into one place, but also make connections and build networks from the data.

Flagship connects analysts, journalists, and everyday citizens to the public data scattered across the web.

Our comprehensive collection of public records offers integration across databases and cross-language entity matching.. Flagship brings the power of big data and the ingenuity of human analysis together to further your investigative needs.




enabling organizations to capture New value from big data.

We partner with organizations to explore innovative ways that technology can maximize their impact.

The solutions we create effectively address our partners’ concerns and are also available for other clients to use.

Products developed from these partnerships are below. For more information on pricing and deployment, connect with our business development team.


identify money laundering



Dashbit is a bitcoin investigative dashboard reimagined to target users with little technical expertise. Modeled after a traditional bank statement to maximize user familiarity, Dashbit allows investigators to track illicit addresses, receive notifications, generate algorithm-based insight, and collaborate with other investigators.


Flight Track

Flight Track takes historic flight data and, for the first time in a publicly available tool, allows users to visualize the flight history of a specific flight. 


Charity Cases

Charity Cases takes nonprofit organization tax data (from 990-T forms) and generates a network graph, allowing users to see secondary and tertiary connections.



OFACasaurus takes the notoriously difficult-to-use OFAC list of sanctioned entities and reimagines it from a design thinking perspective.

combat censorship

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Archer IPFs Directory

Archer has created an MVP for a tool that will help investigators easily interact with the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) — a new internet protocol that generates permanent and decentralized web pages. Dubbed the Archer IPFS Directory, the platform allows users to permanently upload their files, documents, and webpages to a unique location on the web. This lets them to easily store, share, and collaborate on a permanent network. No central authority would be able to take it down and sharing a link to it is as easy as sharing a link to any Youtube video or Twitter post. Users can be confident that the webpage contains the exact same content as originally posted in that moment and store a permanent snapshot of the internet at any moment. Learn more about our IPFS Directory here.

verify war crimes

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Archer Slackbot

After conducting user interviews with students working on verifying social media evidence of atrocities in Burma, Syria, Bahrain, and Cameroon, Archer built a bot that integrates with Slack and searches through Google Drive documents to pull up reports with latitude and longitude locations within a specified radius and date range. This helps large research teams avoid redundancy in the geolocation process by discovering past reports of the same event or location.