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Access and EMPOWERment on a Global Scale

Archer is a nonprofit founded by UC Berkeley students and alumni that builds data analysis software for journalists and investigators working on issues of geopolitical urgency such as human rights violations, digital rights, war crimes, economic insecurity, and access to information.

The foundational mission behind Archer’s work is to facilitate advocates working to achieve transparency and accountability in their communities and governments.

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The institutions that govern our society and economy are relying more and more on data to make critical decisions on how they function. At the same time, more data is becoming publicly available on the internet. However, as more companies and governments recognize the immense value of data, access to tools that generate insight from this is becoming increasingly unequal. These issues of access have led to the rise of fake news, deepened economic inequalities, and prevented the creation of an informed electorate. To combat this, we create tools to not only make public data easily accessible, but also to empower a broad base of users, not just those from specific industries.