archer meta

Given the massive explosion of digital information related to human rights abuses and international crimes, investigators, journalists, and advocates need robust and safe tools to help them verify the legitimacy of  their sources and content. The metadata embedded within the photo — such as camera make, time taken, and more — has become incredibly useful for analysts working towards verification. However, working with this information over the internet leaves sensitive data vulnerable to exposure to outside actors. In order to address these concerns, we’ve created Archer Meta, an open-source, desktop application that to allows users to analyze a photo’s metadata without relying on an internet connection.

Screenshot 2018-05-18 10.06.06.png

The first version of Archer Meta was highly focused on this aspect of security by allowing users to view and download the metadata on all of their photos without an internet connection.

The second version builds upon this first iteration and addresses the analytical needs of investigators. We’ve redesigned our user interface to make the tool more powerful in the investigative and comprehension processes. Users can tag images, write notes, and extrapolate trends across a set of images such as the distribution of capture dates, similarities in camera make, and trends in geolocation. We’ve also added support for additional types of media, including various image types and video files. You can download our latest version at our GitHub here.