From our user interviews, it is even more clear that there is a critical need for this technology. In addition to our own experiences, we’ve talked to the 60 students at the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley’s Boalt Law School, investigators at the International Criminal Court, journalists at the LA Times and Wall Street Journal, researchers at think tanks including Center for Advanced Defense Studies, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and American Enterprise Institute, and analysts and sanctions officers at the US Department of the Treasury.

Since then, our scope has expanded to include all issues of human security. Our dream is to give researchers, journalists, grassroots organizations, and freelance investigators access to tools they need to protect people from war crimes, illicit finance of terrorism, violent misinformation, human trafficking, and more.

We envision a future in which society has the tools to hold governments accountable, combat misinformation, and bring criminals to justice. See our mission, our projects, and our team for more.