helping anyone conduct investigations with public data

Massive amounts of public data lie scattered across the web. We’ve created a tool that can not only streamline this information into one place, but also make connections and build networks from the data.

Our analytic platform integrates and matches user information and research with a vast amount of public data, empowering investigators to find data, insights, and context they would otherwise miss. Architect brings the power of big data and the ingenuity of human analysis together to further your investigative needs.


Primary source data

Business registries, government databases, verified social media, tax and census data, political statements – all in one place.

build your investigation

Build investigations from the ground up with our comprehensive datasets or, import your own and carry on where you left off.

Uncover patterns

Data visualization to help you recognize patterns and make connections for your investigations across databases.

Cross-language capabilities

Analyze information from across the world, with reliable translation and keyword matching.

Extensive collaboration

Work across teams, organizations, and countries, building on and contributing to open investigations.

Streamline your workflow

Import news articles, images, and other relevant data as you encounter it straight to your investigation with our Chrome Extension.