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Exclusive Updates & Previews 


Some highlights from Day 1 at RightsCon:

  • Hearing our advisor Alexa Koenig speak about how the #MeToo movement has the potential to act as a tipping point for women in Silicon Valley. 
  • Listening to the CEO of Cloudfare speak about his decision to put ethics over profit. 
  • Connecting with all of the other incredible attendees and speakers! 
  • Canadian Chinese food and Drake. 

product preview

On Friday we will be demoing the most recent products that our team has been working on. In anticipation of the product launch, we will be providing exclusive previews right here. The first product we will be highlighting is Dashbit- a tool aiming to revolutionize illicit finance investigations. Want to know how it works? Come to Demo Room 200a on Friday at 12:00 to see for yourself.

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snapshot of archer gear

Want to meet an member of Archer? Keep an eye out for these jackets. 


rightscon day 0

25 students, 1 Airbnb, and even fewer hours of sleep. The Archer Team is gearing up for an exciting week at RightsCon. The team is busy making the final tweaks to our slides and products.